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5 Reasons to learn wordpress CMS


WordPress CMS is a free platform initially it was developed to build blogs but nowadays used as a content management system (CMS) for many websites. A large number of developers are choosing WordPress as a solution when setting up their website.

Top 5 Reasons to choose WordPress

  1. WordPress is open source.
  2. WordPress CMS Easy to understand
  3. WordPress development is cheaper
  4. Easy to plugin and increase the functionality of a website
  5. Easy to Import pre-made Template

1. WordPress CMS is open source

Many programmers share their code online which results in the inability of users to save lots of web development time and cost by using the existing code.

2. WordPress CMS easy to understand

WordPress cms environment is convenient to use & made for the majority of the market so that the admin interface is easy and friendly towards non-professionals or non-tech guys.

In addition, the WordPress post page and the static page process is pretty simple. It will take you hardly 10 to 15 minutes to understand the process and you’re good to go with the WordPress cms environment. Some Development sections are tricky but it easy if we compare it with the other cms or went to a bootstrap template or html5.

3. WordPress Development is cheaper

If we compare the WordPress website development cost with the other stack technologies (html5, bootstrap, ruby, Joomla, Shopify) then yes, it’s much cheaper.

4. Easy to plugin and increase the functionality of a website

The super feature which I personally like is the WordPress plugin environment which is used to extend the functionality of the website.

For example, If you’re using the static page website and after some time you want to extend the functionality of your website with an e-commerce setting. Just need to install the WooCommerce plugin and you’re done.

What is WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for websites used to build the e-commerce environment on your website. It used to list the products with multiple variations and price control.

WooCommerce Plugin Download

The environment of the WooCommerce plugin is easy to understand and the most important pros are that the process is similar as we’re using for the blog posts.

Is WooCommerce free to use?

Yes, it’s free to use but has a pro version as well. If you want to extend the more controls in your e-commerce store then you’ve to buy the pro version of WooCommerce.

But I think the free version has enough controls to make the e-commerce store professional.

What is the use of WooCommerce?

Woocommerce plugin is used to make an e-commerce store. It specially designed for the e-commerce utilities in mind. Simply need to install the plugin then activate and drop the product which you want to show in your e-commerce store.

Why do I need WooCommerce?

If you want to build your e-store by using WordPress then I suggest you go with the WooCommerce plugin.

5. Easy to Import pre-made Template

The most important feature which I personally like is the functionality of pre-made templates. WordPress has a large library of free and premium templates. You just need to buy your desire layout and install it in your WordPress cms.

WordPress Themes: Latest Free Download
How to install theme in wordpress?

For the installation of the wordpress theme you’ve to follow the rest steps:

  • Login to WordPress dashboard
  • Go to the Appearance tab and select themes.
  • Click on Add New button.
  • Choose the template from the WordPress directory.
  • Click on install button.
  • After the installation click on the activate button.

That’s all about the WordPress environment. If you’ve any questions comment below.

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