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Data Entry

Hand-Written Notes, Copy Typing, MS-Word, Notepad, Excel Data Entry, PDF Conversion, OCR Yellow pages, white pages, Yelp, LinkedIn profile research, Facebook pages, Instagram, Assign webistes Software e.g Wave Accounting Software, Intuite Quickbook, DB-Wizard

Search Engine Optimization

GTMetrix Score, Google Page Speed Insight, Optimize Images, Minify HTML and CSS, Java script Optimization, Content Optimization, Keyword Research, Alt Tag and Meta Tag Setup, Page Rank

Graphic Design

Brochure Design, Flyer Design, Business Card Design, Logo Design, Vector logo, Monogram Logo, Water mark, Pictorial Mark, Abstract Logo, Illustrate The V Neck style, The Henley - Y neck style Polo T-Shirt collar styles, The Scoop Neck style Sleeveless T-Shirt style, Cap sleeves T-Shirt style

Digital Marketing (DMM)

Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Social Marketing  Share Panel Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Blogging

Web Development

Company Website, E-Commerce Website, Landing Pages Portfolio Page, Directory page Plugin Page Builder Elementor, Divi Software WordPress, Wix Hosting Transfer Service, File Transfer Service FTP-Panel, Filezilla Transfer Service Website Hosting Service

Accounting Services

Excel Dashboard, Graphical Reporting, Excel Reporting, Intuite Quickbook, Wave Accounting Software, Auditing, Tax Reconcilation, Bank Reconcillation

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