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6 best way to make money online in 2021

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Make money online in 2021

I think these will be a great way to make money online income. These methods I personally know people who are doing over $200 per day doing actually use. If you learn these skills and implement them online then you will definitely make good money online.

6 best ways methods to make money online in 2021.

1- E-commerce store

2- Online business consultant

3- YouTube channels

4- Create online course

5- Publishing a book

6- Affiliate marketing

E-commerce store:

If you’ve heard of Shopify their stock price has absolutely skyrocketed because there are millions of people moving online. The most popular one is Shopify now. What you can do is you can actually learn a skill to create Shopify stores edit, Shopify stores design, and Shopify stores.

You can essentially go and list a service on a website like or or or PeoplePerHour. Stores and all sorts of other things related to e-commerce stores are a really good way to make money online only just the beginning because all these people make a shift online.

Online business consultant:

An online business consultant is a very good way to earn some cash online. It’s going up as well because there’s a lot of people moving to make money online from their small businesses offline now. This one is one of my favorites. I literally know people who are charging Twenty thousand, thirty thousand, forty thousand, and fifty thousand even a hundred thousand dollars for doing this online consultancy.

You can give people consulting tips or even do a lot of stuff for them. Just because they can’t do it you can go and charge for advice. Because people literally don’t know.

YouTube channels:

Another best way to make money online is youtube. YouTube is the second biggest search engine online. One of the best things about YouTube is that you can get multiple traffic sources you can get search traffic suggested browse and channel views and lots of other ways to get traffic. You can actually utilize this by putting out videos on something that you know.

There’s literally a niche for anybody on the side don’t make it your full-time job unless you actually start to make good money online but YouTube is really good at the beginning.

I think it’s going to explode even bigger than it is now and more and more people were advertising on YouTube.

Create online course:

Another popular way to make money online is to create your own course. You can actually create an online course and you can sell it yourself. The problem with that is you need to go and create funnels. You need to know to advertise or you need to do get some YouTube traffic. You can actually create a course and you can upload it.

Two websites that give you opportunity to make money online:

Publishing a book:

Publishing a book now the information space is massive people are consuming a lot of content and information right now. If you have a story to tell or If you have some sort of like information you want to get out there has been no bit of time to do. That because you can list your book on there’s plenty of other sites you can list it on.

You can do advertising to sell your book. You can literally advertise your book anywhere online. It’s quite easy to do now because the algorithms have so many people looking for the right books on amazon.
Many peoples make something like five thousand dollars per month on book sales. Just from amazon and Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform online. Millions of people are buying off Amazon every single day.

So, You can go with book publishing and make massive income online.

Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing:

The very popular and easy way to make money online is Affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to manage anything you just require to create your niche blog and join some affiliate marketing program and put the affiliate link in your niche website.

If you’re running an e-commerce blog then you can put some e-commerce products Affiliate links and make money online. You don’t need to manage the inventory and other stuff everything will be accomplished from the affiliate advertiser companies.

That’s all to make money online. If you’ve any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below.

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