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5 Best Freelance Jobs Online In 2021


Freelance jobs online make the people easy and simple to choose jobs that are aligned with your interest’s strengths and skills and also pays a good return of money. But to make it simpler you need to know what freelance jobs online pay the best.

What Freelance jobs Online you can do as a freelancer?

Freelance jobs online are in a better position to make more money because they’re virtually in control of every aspect of the career and business. However, it is also the reality that a lot of freelance jobs online are being paid very little for their effort. But it’s worth to higher if you’re an expert with the particulars skills. For example:

If you’re working with freelancing marketplace & you know lots of projects which pay start from $5/hr and trend to higher as per your expertise level. By focusing on the relative niche can make you a decent amount of income daily or monthly basis.

I believe that the freelancer who is experienced making more money as compared to the average traditional employee. Which factors decide the rate of freelancers? Well, it’s a million-dollar question but we will try to explain.

Different Factors that affect the rate of a freelancer:

  • Experience and skills
  • Having a personal website
  • Location and cost of living

Experience and skills:

Experience and skills Logic dictates that those who have more experience and a higher level of skill and demand higher rates compared to than ever freelancers. This is confirmed by research done by half stuff where they found out that average hourly rates charged by developers and freelance marketers are highly dependent on their experience.

In short – Experience does matter!

Having a personal website:

As a freelance jobs online having a personal website you might not realize this at first but according to half-staff research freelancers with websites can charge 70% more than those freelancers who don’t have their own website based on the research.

The average hourly rate of freelancers without websites was $15. While those freelancers with websites can command an average of $30+ number.

In short – You must have a portfolio website which shows your past experience.

Location and cost of living:

As a freelance jobs online the location plays a very important role because it directly relates to your cost of living and other stuff. If you living on the Asia side then obviously you’re rate will be low as compared to European countries’ rate. Normally saw that the Asian rate starts from $4 but in European countries, the minimum rate of the freelancer is $15 to $20 because of their cost of living & they don’t like to go with $4.

Best Freelance Jobs Online

5 best Paying jobs in freelancing online:

  1. Programming and software development
  2. Website design and development
  3. Content writing
  4. Copywriting
  5. Graphic design

1. Programming and software development:

As a freelance jobs online the core of descriptive technology is programming and software development where new software and programs are taking the spotlight like these two big giants Facebook or Uber. If you’re good at programming then might be possible then you offered from the big giants like Facebook and Google.

If you have a strong command to do this kind of job you can charge up to $150 – $200 per hour especially If you are knowledgeable in programming for iOS (Apple) and Web GL, windows.

2. Website design and development:

As a freelance jobs online the second biggest skill is website design and development.

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In this modern If your business has no website then you’re losing your potentials customers. With this belief, you can estimate how much you can earn with this skill because the time to time competitions higher and the sale is low so every business needs the good website. It doesn’t matter you’re running restaurants, shops, saloons, or a little company.

3. Content writing:

As a freelance jobs online the content writing another word-paying job for freelancers. Content writing still in demand and if are creative-minded then you can make from est $50 to $500 per article because you all guys believe that “Content is the King“.

In Short – Write and explore your words to world!

4. Copy Writing:

As a freelance jobs online you can start a copywriter job. Copywriting plays a very important role while generating leads and sales with the potentials clients and increase revenue. Basically, copywriters write sales letters advertisements and attractive descriptions with the aim to convince the reader to buy from the company can generate sales. So, Copywriter is a high-paid skill!

If you’re excellent in copywriting then you can charge your client up to $200 per hour but it’s based on brand for what you writing for. Big brands can offer you more as per expectation but normally saw that they can pay you up to $250/hr.

5. Graphic design:

As a freelance jobs online you can work on graphic designing stuff. As per the Upwork survey, graphic designing is the most trending skill in 2021.

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If you want to become a successful graphic designer you must have an eye for creativity and capability. To make money from this job and depending on your skills and experience as a graphic designer you can charge up to $85 per hour.

These are the collection of the 5 best freelance jobs online that you can avail yourself, after learning the above skills and earn tons of money online as a freelancer.

That’s for today guys. I hope you love to read this collection of 5 best freelance jobs online in 2021 and if you’ve any question or suggestion please comment below.

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