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5 Key Differences Between Landing Pages Vs Websites


What is the difference between a landing page versus a website? And that’s exactly what I’m gonna be talking about. If you already have a business or you’re very close to launching your business. This is definitely something you want to pay very close attention to because there’s a common misconception that you know I need a website and I need to spend thousands of dollars on creating a website to get started and start bringing clients or selling my products that is not true. That is far from the truth and that’s exactly what I want to talk about today.
So, there are five key differences between a landing page versus a website.

The first one that I want to talk about is knowing your purpose as in like what is the purpose of the site. So, If your purpose right is to increase leads and get sales or get clients and for those of you that don’t know what leads are? Leads are basically people that are interested in your services but you know just aren’t there yet right. So, you would capture them as a lead you know get their email address and then continue to keep nurturing them right. That’s really what elite is but the whole point is if your whole goal is to get more leads in your business get more clients to get more sales then that you really need to focus on creating a landing page right if your purpose is to really just build your brand give more information to your clients about your services. It’s more just informational a website is totally fine right just keep this in mind there is so much information out there there’s a plethora of information. Nowadays people are busier than ever you have five seconds to convince someone to take action on something right. A website has a lot of information and there’s really just one sole purpose for it and that is to get that person’s email address and sell them your product or invite them to a consultation.

If you’re providing services, then very clear on what the goal and purpose of your site are? So, the second difference is the conversion of traffic rights. So again like I was saying if you are wanting to get leads and get sales then having a landing page is a must and I’ll explain why a landing page really there’s just one purpose right you have a headline you have something that you are calling to attention from your visitors and asking them to take a specific action. It might be downloading a free ebook that you’re offering them it might be a free training or if you’re in the e-commerce space might be you know giving them a sample of your product. Whatever it is the point is you want them to do one thing and one thing only with the website right there are so many different things going on you have different tabs.

It’s about Me section and this again like I said before right people don’t have that much time and patience nowadays to really sit there and make decisions you got to help them make just one decision right. So that’s why a landing page is very very important if your goal right now in your business is to purely convert traffic.

Traffic is basically visitors that land on your site to convert them into a lead or sale a website doesn’t really serve that purpose okay so that’s the second difference the third difference is and this is tied to the second one that I just mentioned it removes distractions for your visitors right again simplicity is key here right. So you want them to just do one thing and one thing only and you would have a specific piece of content or specific offering that you would offer on your landing page the fourth difference is that with the landing page you can create multiple versions fairly quickly with the website you can write a watch that requires a lot more thought because you’re you know providing information and like.

I was saying before you know you’re creating all these different sections to inform your customers or your audience on your brands on your services or whatever you represent right with a landing page. Because it is so simple and it’s so straightforward and there’s really just one goal frame you can create multiple of them fairly quickly with you know very easy to use software out there. For example:

Let’s just say that you are in the interior design business right this is just a hypothetical example and you want to invite someone to get on a free consultation with you for 30 minutes or it could be you could be in the beauty business it really doesn’t matter right and you want to invite them to get on a 30-minute phone call with you and then on that phone call. You would then you know pitch them on whatever your services or products are right you can create a landing page. Specifically for that, if you have a design product that you’re selling you can create a not her landing page specifically for that right. So that is the beauty of landing pages you can get very specific and you can create multiple versions fairly quickly because they’re so straightforward.

They’re much simpler to create verses a website and the fifth difference between a landing page versus a website is simplicity right. You’ve got to plan things in your business but the simplicity and strategic and you’ll go very far because at than a day people don’t have time to think about things too much. You know as I was saying before attention pans have decreased so the more straightforward and simple you can get in your marketing messages on your landing page and your you know on your websites. However, you are communicating with your audience that’s gonna take you a very very long way because people will understand you much better than someone else who’s making things really really complicated.
So again like I was saying before you know attention spans have decreased people are busier than ever and you don’t want people to make so many decisions you want to help them really our that done. You got five seconds to convince them of what you want them to do and with the landing page, you can do that right.

So, If you’re looking to increase your leads increase your sales or increase your client and really reduce that overwhelm that people have nowadays with all the information and all the competition out. So I hope this helps this has been a common question that’s been kind of coming up so much I have people that are in know so many different industries and beauty and photography and design and business and relationships and all sorts of different industries and when you know have this conversation about like you know you kind of don’t really need a website they’re like what are you talking about, and to clarify not that you don’t need a website but a website like I said is more informational right. It’s not action-oriented right. So if you are wanting people to take action to partner up with you to become a client to buy something from you to help you monetize your business then landing page is where you want to go.

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