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What is lead generation?


What is lead Generation in digital marketing?

Today I want to talk to you about what is lead generation? Because you hear from so many people talking about lead generation, and sometimes it’s kind of hard to get a clear definition of what lead generation? Lead generation in the simplest form is just simply you want out creating some type of content whether it’s a video article Or something like that to attract your ideal prospect to you, and they enter their information to get some type of free offer that you’re enticing them with.

So, this offer could be something as simple as how to set up your first Facebook campaign to something that’s complex is how to set up your first website. It’s completely up to you on what you want to give away now here’s what most people don’t talk about when it comes to lead generation. Before you can ask the question what is the lead generation you first have to ask the question who am I targeting because who you targeting is gonna dictate the sort of content that you simply layout. So, What do I mean by this idea of form on targeting meaning? If I wanted to target struggling network marketers which I strongly highly positively unequivocally don’t recommend that like I made the mistake of targeting struggling network marketers when I came into the industry. So, here I am over here listening to people say who is your target audience struggling network marketers okay.

So, I will come over here and I will target these people that are having very little success in their business, and I will create content around these people to entice them trying to get them to opt-in over here to become a lead for me well the problem with this model is. If you’re targeting struggling network marketers then it’s only so far that you’re gonna be able to go within your business, and I hope you understand this point because when it comes to struggling network marketers you don’t really want struggling network marketing. It’s like you have to go back and refine it so, when I went back and I refined it what hour lies was. I don’t want struggling network marketers what I want in my business is active network marketers they’re seeking a solution to their problem they don’t necessarily have to be struggling because here’s what I found out.

If they’re actively seeking a solution to a problem then that means they are already in action mode but if I’m trying to get someone who’s sitting on the sidelines may be placing that ad or something like that on Facebook then it’s gonna be very hard for me to get this person to come up out this box that they live in, and why everything happens to me in things like? This to become this person over here who’s already actively looking for a solution and grow their business. So, before you connect what is the lead generation you initially need to ask yourself who is your audience once you discover out, and who your target thereon and see it then. You want to tell her your content to satisfy their needs which would just simply mean you set up your web form meaning you act an easy question.

You give them a free offer on the front end after the front end they take the offer and you get their name email and phone number in exchange for that free gift that you gave them. So, in a nutshell, that’s what is lead generation? And now, that’s one form of lead generation which is you know landing pages. But this works with YouTube videos this works in all facets of the internet whether it’s article marketing video marketing or you know once it’s on one blog watching an mp3 or listening to an mp3 player or something like that it works altogether forms. Where you’re giving someone an immediate call to action which direct call to action will cause you to get that person’s contact information. So, you can do follow up with them and in their future.

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