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How To Get Project on Quickly-5 Tips


Today’s I’m gonna give you five tips on how to write more effective bids on Freelancer to get more jobs, higher-paying jobs, and better customers. So I want you to stay tuned and learn more about it.

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Bid on your projects wisely. You don’t wanna get into a position where you can’t do the work or you work on a client that is not that good. So go through this stage of actually going through and communicating with them. And it’s kind of like dating. Two people, you are trying to work at them and they’re trying to work with you. So you can’t enter a contract that’s not working for. So it’s not just all their side where they ask all the questions, you basically wanna get in a position where you’re working with someone that you’ve worked for a long time ongoing basis with and that’s not gonna micromanage you or does anything that you don’t want them to do. So make sure you guys go through and choose those projects wisely that you bid on, especially when you only have a limited amount of bids. Except if you have a huge plan which still you need quite a lot of bids to actually get projects on there. So bid on your projects precisely and wisely and stay in your niche and find the right client.


Keep bids clean and concise. Don’t write huge, lengthy proposals. Write something that gets their attention and that goes straight into the details of how you can do it, and then some resources that back up your claims. Pretty simple. Make it really simple. You don’t wanna do too much, cause then when they see all that, they don’t read it, or they don’t wanna read it, or they skip over you. Make sure they can actually get to what you can do and what you’re gonna do for them in a couple of seconds.


Read all attachments and visit all links that they put inside the project. You wanna do this right here cause a lot of times they’re gonna ask you specific questions about those things or they’re showing you exactly what they want. So go through and download the attachment and also two visits those links, and be really cautious about how you bring and do stuff and put it together. And then put your proposal around what you have gone through in the description, and the attachment and those links will help you get a better proposal.


Go ahead and upload different work samples that you have that are very similar to that project, even if it’s PSDs or if it’s other different files you can give them or links to sites or to websites that have your portfolio in it. Make sure you link to those so that you can validate that you can do it’s cause I lot of people on there are looking for people who already have done what they’re looking for, and a good way to stand out as being one of those people that are like, “Oh, I’ve done exactly that. Here is a list of me doing it three or five times. “They’re trying to find specialists and not folks that can do everything, so remember that.


Specify your terms clearly. So how long the projects gonna take, how much the project’s gonna cost them, and anything that can mess the project up or any cost that is associated with the project that they need to pay, tell them upfront so that you don’t have anything where there’s like hidden fees or they’re thinking you’re just trying to pile on all the amount money you possibly can get from them. So you need to state your terms very clearly at the very beginning. And sometimes might wanna put it in your proposal to form it a touch bit better, but these things right here could really assist you to get weeded out from all the other people and you’re not the same as everyone else if you don’t go through and state actually what you’re trying to do and actually your terms correctly. Thank you guys so much for reading this article.

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