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How to start freelancing with no experience in 2021?

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How Can I Start freelancing with no experience?

If you decided to go freelance and you’re not really sure where to start I’ll tell you how you can start freelancing with no experience.  If you don’t know where to start so let’s start with the basics.

How entrepreneurs effects our economy?

These days we’re in economically tough times, with lots of unemployment and touches massive peek. Entrepreneurs are playing very important roles in economic growth by introducing modern technologies, products, and services.

  • Entrepreneurs enabled short-term and long-term job opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs raised productivity and boost economic growth.

Why should we use freelancing?

You get paid for your skills you can pick your clients and work with several clients. At the same time which means you can diversify your income and your work that also means you can set up your work routine and be more flexible. You can set up your own rights. So what kind of jobs can you actually do as a freelancer you can do anything like:

List of skills that enable you to start freelancing with no experience:

how to start freelancing with no experience
Start Freelancing with no experience

First of all, we take the two important skills which are Virtual assistants and social media marketing. If you don’t have a lot of experience I’d recommend you start with freelance writing or virtual assistants.

These are the easiest job you can do as a freelancer once you decide on which type of work. You want to do what you need to lend clients. There are different ways to go about it. You could find gigs on websites

How to start freelancing?

  • Find freelance websites
  • Facebook groups
  • Network

Find freelance websites:

You can start freelancing with no experience. The first option is to find freelance websites. I’m talking about websites like pro bloggers Upwork Fiverr etc.

You can usually apply for a job even if you don’t have any experience you can start freelancing with no experience but let’s be honest nowadays.

It’s harder to find good clients with these websites can be a good starting point to build up a portfolio but the competition is high. Some of these websites will pay themselves.

List of the top 5 best freelancing websites for beginners: Click here..

Facebook groups:

You can start freelancing with no experience from find work Facebook groups. I found most of my freelance clients via Facebook for example if you want to be a virtual assistant. You could make a quick search on Facebook like virtual assistant jobs and join the groups you’re interested in. You can increase your visibility on Facebook by being an active member of your Facebook group.


You can start freelancing with no experience from the network on social media on LinkedIn or in the real life the idea here is to let the people around. You know that you offer service once you already have a client that is happy with your work. You can also let them know that you’re available for more hours or more clients you could even give them.

It’s all about building your reputation and a portfolio. What I was able to do on social media my blog became my portfolio but if you don’t have a blog you could still create a portfolio.

There are two ways to go about it.

  • Create a portfolio to showcase your skills
  • Exchange for testimonials and samples to add to your portfolio

Create portfolio to showcase your skills:

You can create a portfolio to showcase your skills. You could rewrite copy write blog post samples and social media captions or design graphics to show what you are capable of.

Exchange for testimonials and samples to add to your portfolio:

You can create in exchange for testimonials and samples to add to your portfolio. I’ll give you an example about a year ago I saw a post in a Facebook group it was a new virtual assistant who was trying to build up a portfolio. He was looking for bloggers who needed help so he can get testimonials I gave her a blog post to write and because I was happy with her work I hired him afterward. In short, If you follow all the above methods and actually start to implement then you can get a worth client and make some good money without experience. That’s all for today!

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