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Why Freelancing is the future? (Top 5 Reasons)


Why Freelancing is the future?

After reading this article you’ll know the top reasons which justify that freelancing is the future. Do you want to take control of your work-life? Freelancing in Pakistan has gone up 42% increase in 2018. Statistics say that by 2027 over half of the workforce is going to be either independent consultants. Freelancing on the whole is better prepared for the future.

 Top Five reason why you should choose freelancing as career:

1- Freelancing is comfortable
2- Freelancing keep you up to date
3- Freelancing connects People To People
4- Freelancing teach you constant learning
5- Freelancing makes your own brand
Freelancing is the future with Comfort

1- Freelancing is the comfortable:-

Is Freelancing comfortable?

Freelancing more comfortable to leave their full-time employment. Why are people willing and comfortable to leave their full-time jobs well it’s because companies are hiring more freelancers than ever companies are trying to keep their costs low by reducing their full-time headcount to full-time people.

  • They don’t have to pay for healthcare.
  • They don’t pay benefits and they can flex their workforce up and down as needed. It’s easier to make a living Freelancing than it ever has been before.

2- Freelancing keep you up to date:-

Freelancing should be prepared for the future and for changes in the market. Freelancers have a tendency to keep in contact with each other and stay very up-to-date on what’s happening and changing in the marketplace. Sometimes get comfortable get complacent in their jobs. They don’t keep their eyes open as to what’s happening in the marketplace.

I work with and partner with talk about this stuff all the time. We’re always staying up to date on the latest changes innovations movement trends and business skill sets etc in the marketplace.

Artificial intelligence:-

Artificial intelligence (AI) which leads me to number three Freelancing may be less impacted. AI Fast Company says that 50% of freelancers already are seeing the impacts of AI in the workforce the founder. An AI is affecting design it’s affecting the creative professions just look at Envato templates or canva or Adobe spark.

All of these applications that are very plug and play just like template websites. But for graphic design so that kind of artificial design capability is really affecting.

Intelligence as it gets more adept at doing those things.  It’s going to be eating more and more into our generalized skill set one of the reasons.

3- Freelancing connects People To People:-

They work for they work on p2p so people-to-people relationships. They build networked relationships. They communicate with people. They build a skillset and they build a knowledge base that’s based around relationships.

 AI does not work in relationships. AI won’t be able to replace my human expertise for consulting and won’t be able to replace my eye for discovery eye. AI can’t do that AI can’t build relationships. It can’t network freelancers, in general, are on the cutting edge of these types of trends freelancers know how to adjust to succeed.

4- Freelancing teach you constant learning:-

Freelancing also forces constant learning. I’m always talking about constant learning Freelancing forces you to stay up to date on technologies and systems and processes in your industry. Whatever that is whether an entrepreneur or creative professional. It also forces you to improve and constantly grow.

They’re working for one company and if that category of that company or that company itself takes a hit and that basket falls their eggs can get broken. They could get laid off they can get fired the company could go down when you Freelancing you’re spreading that risk across industries and across companies.

5- Freelancing makes your own brand:-

Freelancing is helpful while building your own brands. No one can take that away from you so all of the work. If you put into your practice and put into your relationships and put into your clients. Stays with you get the benefits of it. You’re not giving those benefits up to another company.

You are building your own equity not building the equity of another company no lay off no market crash. No organizational shake-up can take that away from you no one can lay you off from you. Clients can fire you hopefully. It hasn’t happened too often but there are always more clients out there so that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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